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May Miller, whose body was found in Queens Park in December 1932.
Truth was quick to see a link to the murder of Hilda White — and to devalue May Miller as a “social outcast” because she worked as a prostitute.
Constable Joseph McCunn, who, along with his partner Constable Clifford Bush, died as a result of a mysterious tragedy on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in August 1932.
The infamous Smith’s Weekly front page that had supposed scoops on three of the murder cases we’re examining in Sydney’s Red Year.
The infamous Tilly Devine of the “Razor Wars” in Sydney in the late 1920s. As episode seven shows, there’s evidence to suggest she and her gangster husband knew the murderer Moxley.
William Moxley goes to Central Criminal Court in Darlinghurst in June 1932.
The fascist New Guard’s deranged inner circle was allegedly called the Fascist Legion and wore KKK-style black robes. But was this all the work of NSW police Metropolitan Superintendent William Mackay? (pictured below)
In 1932 Mackay was tasked by NSW Premier Jack Lang with smashing the New Guard.
Jack Lang — nicknamed “the Big Fella”.
William Moxley: accused killer of Dorothy Denzel and Frank Wilkinson.
Dorothy and Frank disappeared just as Australia was learning the news that Phar Lap had died.
As soon as William Moxley was caught, Sydney was rocked by another ghastly murder.
With Claude Saywell’s killer still on the loose, Alfred Patrick Ball — who’d been sharing a prison wing with William Moxley — faced trial for the vicious razor murder of his mistress. His defence was that he had been an “automatic slayer”.