Season Two – Episodes

Australia’s Most Vicious Gunman

James Robert Walker was the Chopper of his day – a violent thug who preyed on other criminals, caused a Pentridge Prison outrage and confessed to everything in a wildly popular memoir. MORE

Murder On The Dance Floor

In 1925 Perth was scandalised when beautiful flapper Audrey Jacob shot dead handsome young Cyril Gidley in front of hundreds of witnesses while at a charity dance at Government House. MORE

Unfriendly Fire: The Murder of Cathy Wayne

Just hours before Apollo 11 landed on the moon on 20 July 1969, young Australian pop star Cathy Wayne was shot dead on stage while performing as part of the troupe Sweethearts On Parade for American Marines in Vietnam. Yet Cathy hadn’t been killed by the enemy who shot Cathy and why? MORE

In Conversation — I Did Work Experience on Apollo 11

At the age of 17, Robert Brand did work experience at the Overseas Telecommunications Commission’s station in Paddington, where he played a small part in ensuring the television images of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon were successfully seen around the world. His involvement in Apollo 11 changed his life – and led to a 50-year career in the space sector. MORE