From 1950 Sydney model Shirley Beiger regularly wore the lastest frocks and swimwear at fashion shows and posed for newspapers and magazine articles and advertisements, her fresh face and attractive figure used to promote cars and furnishings. But in 1954, aged just 22, Shirley shot her lover dead outside a Sydney nightclub. But why did she kill this man — and what punishment would she face?

During the Coroner’s hearing a dozen cameras flashed as Shirley kissed her mother Edith in a desperate moment when faced with the crowds and media frenzy.
PIX magazine spread. Left: Shirley arrives at Coroner’s hearing.
Right: in happier modelling days.

In 1946 a crew of four was sailing the ketch Nova down the New South Wales coast when they and their boat vanished in bad weather. Five months later one skeletal figure washed up nearly 1000 miles away, having endured one of history’s most oceanic ordeals. But for this survivor the battle was just beginning.