It wasn’t in doubt that on 27th August 1925 Audrey Jacob had shot Cyril Gidley dead in front of hundreds of people during a dance at Perth’s Government House. Why had she killed him and was she guilty of murder? The second part of the show explores one of Australia’s most extraordinary trials — and explains the significance of the below handwriting samples.

Back in Melbourne in early 1954, James Robert Walker is hellbent on murdering The Brain and The Thing. But after he reluctantly casts himself in the role of protector to a damsel in distress, the veteran gunman finally ends up serving a life sentence in Pentridge Prison. There, true to form, he hatches a plan as ruthless as it is audacious. Every bit as bold is that Walker is secretly writing his autobiography, which is to cause a sensation when it’s smuggled from jail and published Australia-wide.