Season One – Episodes

The Ghost of Mount Victoria Pass

In 1891 Henry Lawson published a poem called “The Ghost at the Second Bridge”, which told of encountering a terrifying spectre on lonely Mount Victoria Pass in the Blue Mountains. While a fright of fancy, Lawson’s poem was based on a tragic true story. MORE

Arizona Ryan and the Sydney Shootout

A century ago, in the Sydney slum of Surry Hills, a Chinese gunman shot more than a dozen people, triggering a dramatic police siege that was only ended by the violent intervention of a lone American vigilante. MORE

Mr White & The Walwa Mystery

This 1939 murder case seemed ripped from the pages of a detective novel — and may even have been inspired by one. MORE

Bonus Episode — A Gallipoli Story

Private James Coughlan only saw one day of combat — 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli — yet his war would continue at home for years, one of thousands whose quiet fates are often forgotten on Anzac Day. MORE

Bonus Episode — America’s Anti-Rambo in Australia

U.S. Marine Douglas Beane deserted from Vietnam in 1970 and fled to Australia, where he lived the life of a fugitive for 16 years. His 1986 recapture led to international headlines, not least when it was revealed what he’d been up to Down Under. MORE

Bonus Episode — Australia’s Original Radio Bad Boy

Long before Mick Molloy or Kyle Sandilands, Arundel Nixon ripped up the radio waves as the risqué “King of the Cads”. For a decade the Cad worked for — and was sacked from — hit stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane as he battled censors, conservatives, radio bosses, his three wives and a small army of his own personal demons. MORE

Australia’s Sweetheart

If you enjoy Forgotten Australia episodes, you’ll enjoy my book, about a beauty who was once a household name in Australia. Click here to read a sample and see a lot of great photos.