Bonus Episode — Australia’s Original Radio Bad Boy

Long before Mick Molloy or Kyle Sandilands, Arundel Nixon ripped up the radio waves as the risqué “King of the Cads”. For a decade the Cad worked for — and was sacked from — hit stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane as he battled censors, conservatives, radio bosses, his three wives and a small army of his own personal demons. On-air sackings, drinking binges, court cases, fateful prophecies, private detectives, car crashes and splashy headlines: this is the forgotten story of our original shock jock. You can listen to the episode right here or at iTunes and Spotify.

As a young man, Arundel exuded a raffish charm, with looks that called to mind actor William Powell.
The King of the Cads revelled in bad publicity — and he got a lot of it.
After launching King of the Cads in Melbourne, Arundel took his show to 2GB in Sydney…
… and then to 2UE.
Arundel was always in the news. Even his death in 1949 came with a twist.
Despite a bitter and scandalous court battle, Arundel and his third wife Paloma
reunited shortly before his premature death.

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