The Ghost of Mount Victoria Pass

In 1891 Henry Lawson published a poem called “The Ghost at the Second Bridge”, which told of encountering a terrifying spectre on lonely Mount Victoria Pass in the Blue Mountains. While a fright of fancy, Lawson’s poem was based on a tragic true story. Gather round for the haunting tale of a handful of murders, a couple of hangings, chaotic court cases, drunken witnesses, shock acquittals, and, of course, sightings of the restless spirit known as “The Woman in Black”.


  1. An interesting tale. The cemetery behind Colllit’s Inn is very interesting. Lawson’s father is buried there. There is also a grave of an indigenous servant buried away from the main area. Perhaps not permitted on consecrated ground. Grog and the Irish seem to be a theme in these early times. The number of pubs/inns in the Hartley area at the time is quite extraordinary.
    There is some great history in this little valley.

  2. Thanks, Brian. Yes a stack of history packed into a small, beautiful and somewhat haunting place.

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