Australia’s Titanic Hero — Part Two

With Titanic sinking in the early hours of 15 April 1912, boatswain Albert Nichols has to muster his men and make ready the lifeboats. Around 1am, it’s claimed, he was given a dangerous mission that, if successful, would save many more lives. But mystery swirls around what happened in the next 80 minutes. Click here for sources.

The last known photo of Titanic.

Actress Dorothy Gibson, who survived the sinking and who starred in the first Titanic movie, released 29 days after the sinking. She escaped in Lifeboat 7, which Albert was supposed to man. But he was elsewhere, readying other lifeboats.

The Titanic’s band did keep playing, though there’s debate over what they played at the end. None would survive.

Albert supervised the loading and launching of several Titanic lifeboats.

One of the most famous headlines in history, though only 705 people actually survived and the death toll was about 1500.

Charles Lightoller, Second Officer of Titanic. Much of what we know about Albert’s fate came from his testimony. But he admitted that he lied to protect himself and the White Star Line.


  1. What an amazing story. To find that you are related to this man must be such a treasure to have. Thanks for sharing your story. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Albert and your story.

    1. Thanks, Jan. Yes, indeed, an amazing discovery. Also amazing to find my mum… and identical twin brothers! Thanks for listening!

    1. Hi Elizabeth – thank you so much! It was indeed an amazing year. So wonderful to find my mum – and two brothers and two uncles and a hundred or so cousins on LHI. Cheers for listening and your comment. All best, Michael

  2. Such a wonderful story about a brave Lord Howe Islander. So glad you got to find your mum and brothers, I’m actually a 6th generation Islander too!

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